Charlotte Wake-Up Call
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In October, 2016 Charlotte received a wake-up call: As demonstrators took to the streets to call attention to racial injustice, many people awakened to the reality that our community is not of one mind about who we ought to be as a city. The officer-involved shooting of Keith Lamont Scott prompted difficult conversations in our homes, workplaces and houses of worship.

In response, Covenant Presbyterian Church, CN Jenkins Presbyterian Church and the Women’s Inter-Cultural Exchange will host a series of multi-cultural community dialogues at Covenant intended to elevate the voices of diverse Charlotteans. Together, we will seek a deeper understanding of implicit bias and systemic racism in our city and the broader culture. Our goal is to build trust and expand opportunity regardless of race, income and status.

Below are the speakers and panelists for each of the 5 sessions of WIE's Dialogue Series: "Charlotte's Wake-Up Call".  You can read more about each person by clicking on their photo.

charlotte wake up call   Brenda Anderson

Take An Implicit Bias Test

project implicit

Determine your own biases by taking the Harvard Implicit Bias Test.  Take 1 or take them all!!

Session I: Who are We? Hearing the voices of diverse Charlotteans

  • Manuel Betancur

    Manuel Becancur

  • Wanda Maynor Carter

    Wanda Maynor Carter

  • Jennifer Pharr Davis

    Jennifer Pharr Davis

  • Gina Esquivel

    Gina Esquivel

  • Siobhan Johnson

    Siobhan Johnson

  • Amy Hawn Nelson

    Amy Hawn Nelson

  • Liana K. Rebollo

    Liana K. Rebollo

  • Toussaint Romain

    Toussaint Romain

Session II: Who Am I? Understanding implicit bias

  • Vernon G Gettone, Ph.D.

    Vernon G Gettone, Ph.D.

  • Implicit Bias Presentation

    Implicit Bias Presentation

  • Cycle of Socialization

    Cycle of Socialization

  • Don't Think of You As Black

    I don't think of you as Black!

  • Social Geography

    What is Social Geography?

  • Who Invented White People?

    Who invented White people?

Session III: What we found when we dug deeper

  • Mary Nell McPherson BIO

    Mary Nell McPherson

  • Toussaint Romain

    Toussaint Romain

  • Greg Jarrell

    Greg Jarrell

  • Brenda Tindal

    Brenda Tindal

Session IV: Investing in a Better Future: Affordable Housing in Charlotte

  • Hugh McColl

    Hugh McColl

  • Terry Shook

    Terry Shook

  • Dionne Nelson BIO

    Dionne Nelson

  • Pamela Wideman

    Pamela Wideman

  • Peter Pappas

    Peter Pappas

  • Reverand Dr. Robert Scott

    Reverand Dr. Robert Scott

Session V: What Have I Learned? What do I do now?

  • Reverand Dr. Jerry Cannon

    Rev. Dr. Jerry Cannon

  • Dr. Jessica Schorr Saxe

    Dr. Jessica Schorr Saxe

  • Reverand Dr. Bob Henderson

    Rev. Dr. Bob Henderson

  • Mariam Jameel

    Mariam Jameel

  • Imam Atif Chaudhry

    Imam Atif Chaudhry

Is Race Real?

White Priviledge