College Mentoring Program

2017 Mentoring Across Difference Class

  • Gabrielle Arguello

    Gabrielle Arguello
    Queens University - Class of 2018
    Music Therapy & Psychology

  • Jameia Booker

    Jameia Booker
    Johnson C Smith Univ - Class of 2019
    Criminology / Pre-Law

  • Shakoya Brown

    Shakoya Brown
    Johnson C Smith Univ. - Class of 2020
      Communications/Political Science

  • Sharina Carmon

    Sharina Carmon
      Johnson C Smith Univ - Class of 2019
      Business Administration

  • Lennox Davis

    Lynnox Davis
    UNC Charlotte - Class of 2018

  • Chanahra Fletcher

    Chanahra Flether
    Queens University - Class of 2019
    Creative Writing

  • Stephanie Lewis

    Stephanie Lewis
    Queens University - Class of 2018
    Sports Management

  • Zaria Little

    Zaria Little
    Johson C Smith Univ. - Class of 2020
    International Business

  • Jessica Martinez

    Jessica Martinez
    UNC Charlotte - Class of 2019
    Political Science/Communications

  • Sarah Tillett

    Sarah Tillett
    UNC Charlotte - Class of 2020

  • Shakeisha Young

    Shakeisha Young
    Johnson & Wales Univ. - Class of 2018
    Culinary Arts & Food Service Mgmt.

MAD Participants

Mentoring Across Difference Program Orientation was Saturday, April 8th @ UNC Charlotte.  Thanks to Jodi Turner and UNC Charlotte for hosting the event.  We are so excited to report that we have 2 new schools, Cabarrus College and Carolinas College join Johnson C Smith University, UNC Charlotte and Queen's University as partners.

We are at 12 pairs and growing - black, white, Latina and Pakistani.  If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, please contact MAD Co-Chairs, Dorothy Counts-Scoggins and Donna Parker-Tate at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A huge thanks to AT&T for sponsoring our Mentoring Across Difference Program.


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